Minion’s is on a mission to help save neighborhood grocery retailers from technology based competitors investing in automated warehouse facilities to fulfill online grocery orders. Minions has developed a robotic picking device that can be easily deployed in a retail enviroment.

Minions work 24/7/365 to help grocery retailers reduce online order fulfillment costs. Minion’s picking devices are designed to work safely alongside consumers in a retail environment. The devices are trained to prioritize customers’ comfort by keeping safe distances or allowing consumers to exit aisle spaces before moving into an aisle to retrieve food items. Minions can support the deployment of an unlimited number of devices to help alleviate labor shortage and to satisfy increasing fulfilment demand. As our devices became more efficient, Minions will pass the savings to the retailer through annual hourly cost reduction targets.

Minion’s picking service is deployed on a flat hourly rate substantially lower than an hourly employee. Moreover, the robotic devices are highly productive. They are tireless and don’t require coffee breaks. Each device is monitored by a live person to ensure safety and picking efficiency.

The picking hardware can be purchased or leased with a multi-year contract.

Minions is a venture backed enterprise leveraging robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to help retailers overcome labor shortages and to reduce costs. The company was founded by a team dedicated to deploying robotic solutions into retail and public spaces to foster a world of abundance and equal opportunity.

Minions Work is based in Lehi, UT, USA